Pre-K & K Programs


"Elite performers are typically introduced to their realm of excellence in a playful manner at a young age."
Anders Ericsson – Psychology Professor, Florida State University

Now we all know that every player involved in our program will not go on to become 'Elite Performers' but what chance will they have if we don't start them off right?

Top Corner aim to provide a fun, safe and mentally stimulating environment for all the players we train. All Children will be catered for, from the child who strives for social inclusion and to be an active participant, to the child that wants to play on the edge of his competitive threshold, all the way to the child who pursues to become elite.

tlocoachingOur philosophy is based on maximizing the number of learning opportunities we present to our players. From ball based warm-ups and ball centered practices to downtime activities and small sided games, each player will have a chance to attain the 2million+ touches needed to excel at the game. Everything we do is developmentally appropriate. Every activity the player takes part in falls within their ability range, appropriate to the child's maturation physically and mentally, and relative to their stage of cognitive development.

We also understand cultural factors involved in development. American children need to be participating in every precious minute of training time we have with them. Not one player should be stood in a line watching the others play, running laps, nor should they be working on techniques they are not ready for physically and cognitively.

Our Pre-K & Kindergarten program is no exception. Players are here to have fun, enjoy the social aspects of playing soccer with other children and learn the fundamentals of the beautiful game while they're at it. This program focuses on the individual, maximizing the players' contact with the ball, in order to help nurture players that are 100% comfortable with the ball at their feet. Players that, eventually are able to manipulate the ball as they desire and grow in confidence so their future soccer education becomes more complete, enjoyable and less daunting.

Through our staff's delivery, players think and discover techniques for themselves, producing more intelligent, creative players and personalities.

An example of a session outline can be found here

We look forward to welcoming you on the field.

Where are we?

Currently we are proud to announce Top Corner run the Pre-K & K Programs at Manhasset Soccer Club & Farmingdale Soccer Club. For more information click the links below:


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