At Top Corner we aim to provide the framework for any level of soccer experience that the player desires. All Children are catered for, from the child who strives for social inclusion and active participation, to the child that wants to play on the edge of his competitive threshold all the way to the child who pursues to become elite.

One of Top Corners goals is to increase children's participation in soccer 6th grade and onward. We hope to attain this through a philosophy built upon developing a genuine passion for soccer and delivering a positive soccer experience from Pre-K and up

Top Corners philosophy is based on maximizing the number of learning opportunities we present to our players.
From ball based warm ups, ball centered practices, downtime activities to small sided games, each player will have a chance to attain the 2million+ touches needed to excel at the game.

Everything Top Corner does is developmentally appropriate. Every activity the player takes part in will fall within their ability range, appropriate to the child's maturation physically, mentally, and relative to their stage of cognitive development. We at Top Corner also understand the culture of the children we work with. This is important in devising the very best blueprint to success for our players.

The goal on the field is to develop players capable of performing well in a possession based style of play. Being comfortable on and being able to manipulate the ball at will is the standard for all players regardless of position. This style of play would also involve players being able to play out from the back under pressure and break opposing teams down patiently and logically. Technically players trained by Top Corner's trainers will be able to play quickly and play with a purpose.

Every session is carefully planned out and involves progressions to allow for players of all abilities within the session to experience challenges and opportunity to take risks.

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